Welcome to our homepage!

        We have puppies







Welcome to our webpage! We are a family with 3 children and we live in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.


For our whole lives we have been living with pets and we cannot imagine to live without them. Now our


house is a loving home for 2 persian cats, 1 rabbit, 6 aquariums full of different kinds of fish and 7 dogs (5 of


them whippets). We love equally all our animals, they are true members of our family. They live all together in


harmony and this is a proof that cats and dogs can live together and also whippets can stay with rabbits in


one room without being a danger for them. For 14 years we have had our Persian cats and we even have a


cattery named IberiaAlbion. Our first dog was a German Shepherd - Ria. 


Few years after we took our Golden retriever boy - Brightly (thanks to his breeder Vesela Petrova), and later we took


our Newfoundland boy - Ecelso (thanks to Tatjana Bilbija-Laličević).


Before our closest meeting with the breed whippet we didn't know that it will steal our hearts. Our


friends had a dog from that breed and after we spend some time with it we decided to look for a whippet.


After taking our Daira (many thanks to Rita Simoneliene and Asta Simonelyte for trusting us and giving us Daira )


we were so inlove with her and the breed that in our family was only 1 opinion - we were going to take another


whippet. That's how we took Lacey (many thanks to Henny van den Berg for the trust and sending us Lacey)


That doesn't mean that we don't love our other dogs, but every owner/breeder of whippets will understand  us -


they are so lovely, so clever, beautiful, gentle, loving, sensitive, you just look in their eyes and you understand each




Whippet breed is not so popular in our country, but we hope during the years it will develop here. It is important for us to breed special litters, as all of ours are extraordinary for us - carefully

planned and long awaited. We will give our
whole life and love for helping this breed develop in Bulgaria and not only.